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[+] MÁÍ= ?  - “Definition of the sexes : New roles –New rights?”
28 March - 05 April 2008

Open Horizons present for the second time the art exhibition with the title:   WO [+] MÁÍ= ?  - “Definition of the sexes : New roles –New rights?” , in the framework of the 6th festival for human rights.

In the area of Exarhia, between the streets Arahovis-Themistokleous-Koleti- Zoodohou Pigis, forty artists are trying to give an aesthetic and social message in the city that we live in, in Athens.  
The artists that take part in this exhibition are:

Avranas Alexandros / Agopian Eozen / Alkalai Artemis / Argitis Socrates / Bakiaj Alma / Gelada Margarita / Giavropoulos Nikos / Giparakis Giorgos / Evaggelidis Panagiotis / Theofylaktou Eleni / Kavatha Antigoni / Kanelis Giorgos  / Karaoglani Christina / Karatza Angie/ Kodonidou Tzeni / Laskari Anna / Liberatoos Andreas / May Caroline / Meimaroglou Despina / Mindora / Michalakakou Maro / Michalaki Eva / Basdeki Evangelia / Beveratos Kostas / Bonjou Magia/ Mirka Ioanna / Ntokatzi Lydia / Ntokatzis Dimitris / Ximeri Ioanna / Petratou Kiki / Poulia Foteini / Raftogiannis Vangelis / Sari Eleni / Skourtis Aggelos / Stamatopoulou Ira / Stokou Despina / Sotiropoulos Chrisanthos / Tserionis Giorgos / Charalabidis Nikos / Zglobicka Dorota

Concept-Curator : Costas Theonas                                             
The main spot for information on the events during the festival will be Cosmos of Culture's Venue in 20 A. Metaxa str in Athens. The Video projections and the opening will also take place there.

Opening: Friday the 28th of March 2008 at 19.00

Opening Hours: Every day and during the weekend from 15.00-21.00 
For more info visit www.humanrights.gr & www.cosmosofculture.org.

Free entrance in all the areas of the Festival.



1 - 13 February 2008

Opening : Friday 1 February 2008 at 20.30


Atropa Vanitas
Group Exhibition
Duration: 4/9/2007 – 27/9/2007
Opening: 4 September 2007 at 20:00

The use and the qualities of the plant Atropa Belladonna as used from human beings is the motive for the artists who participate in this exhibition to remark on the relation of the human vanity with nature.

The artists who participate are:
Cathrine Yeyisian, Martha Dimitropoulos, Giannis Theodoropoulos, Maro Michalakou, Costas Basanos, Evagelia Basdekis, Nikos Papadimitriou, Nina Papakostantinou, Katerina Christidis Dimitris Christidis.

click on the artists name for their cv's

Photo exchibition of Dimitris Geronikos

27-04-2007 Ýùò 12-05-2007

Opening: Friday the 27th of April 2007 at 8.00pm
in the multicultural center of 'Cosmos of Culture"

Duration : 27-4-2007 until 5-5-2007
Opening times : Mo-Fri: 3.00pm-9.00pm, 
Saturday: 1.00pm-8.00pm 

Sunday and Tuesday 1-5-07 closed 

Cosmos of Culture and Moiz Salman invite you in the opening of the painting and micro sculpture exhibition of the artist, with the title :
“Everything in life is pain” 
on Tuesday the 20th of February 2007 at 8.00pm
in the multicultural center of Cosmos of Culture, Andrea Metaxa 20 and Emm. Benaki in Athens.

Duration: 20 February 2007 until 3 March 2007
Hours : Monday –Friday : 4.00pm-9.00pm, Saturday: 1.00pm-8.00pm

Exhibition from Hassan Saraah

Cosmos of Culture , cultural organization presents the Iraqi artist Hassan Saraah in his first personal exhibition in Athens .
Opening: Friday 20th of October 2006 at 8.00.
Place: «Cosmos Of Culture» Multicultural Center , Andrea Metaxa 20 and Emmanouil Benaki,, Athens.
Duration : 20 October – 4 November 2006

Hassan Saraah was born in Baghdad in1967. He is a graduate of the Teaching Institute as well as the Academy of Arts of Baghdad. He initially worked as a teacher, and then with the attribute of the membership of the Union of Writers of Iraq, he worked as a journalist and in charge of language in the newspaper Al Joumhouria. From 1998 he works exclusively as a professional painter. He has made three personal exhibitions in private galleries and four group exhibitions in the Center of Arts in Baghdad. Also he participated in a group exhibition in the Center of Culture of Iraqi Immigrants in Damascus, Syria. Until today, he is a member of the Union of Arts as well as in the Union of Writers of Iraq. In 1996 he published a poetic collection titled "Twenty poems" for War, Peace, People. In Greece he has made an individual exhibition in Kavala, in the 14 of June 2006.

Cosmos of Culture and the Support centre for children and family present the exhibition of photography and video art with the title:

The openings are on Thursday the 11th of May 2006 at 21.00

Youth from the Roma Community, who live in Kolonos, Metaxourgeio and Ano Petralona are the artists of this exhibition of photography and video art, what they are trying to express is the meaning of identity, neighbourhood, city.
This exhibition is a result of a two-year seminar on photography and video techniques, which was fulfilled by the Support Centre for Children and Family and was financially supported by the General Secretary of Youth through the program "Youth"

Duration: 11 - 20 May 2006
Opening hours: Tu- Fr hours: 16.00– 21.00. Monday closed
Sa - Sun hours: 13.00 – 20.00.

"Cosmos of culture" in co-operation with the group "Social and educational action "present the exhibition of children painting and photography with the title:
"My Home My LIfe"

From the 11th to the 17th of March 2006
opening hours : weekdays 4 – 8 and weekend from 1-6

Children from 5 until 10 years old, from the roma community and the polish community are the artists of this exhibition of photography and painting and they try to express through art the meaning of family, school, neighborhood, Greece.

Words with color and shape. Moiz Salman
Born in Sudan in 1975. Graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Hartoom.

Opening : Friday the 20th of January 2006,20.00.
untill the 4th of February 2006
Opening hours :16.00-20.00,
Saturday: 13.00-20.00, Closed on Sunday

Friday 11-11-05.
Team exhibition of migrant artists

Their lives are complicated but this does not stop their creativity. Most of them work in jobs irrelevant with their talent but this does not stop them. New artists present their work that proves their talent.
The cultural organization “Cosmos of Culture”
presents the group exhibition of

Stefan Agelof
Kalinka Zeliaskova
Moiz Salman
Elizbeth Tadesse

Opening: Friday the 11th of November 2005 at 20.00
in the multicultural center ‘Cosmos of Culture”,
Adrea Metaxa 20 and Emm.Benaki, Athens.
The venue will be open daily from the 11-11-05 until the 24-11-05
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 16.00 – 20.00 and Saturday-Sunday13.00 – 20.00

Title:" Eleonora Iordanova"

Opening hours: Weekdays 17.00 -21.00
Weekend 13.00-20.00

Title: "I see Light."

Exhibition of the artist Elizbeth Tadesse from Ethiopia. Opening hours: Weekdays 17.00 -21.00 Weekend 13.00-20.00







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