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Athens: A city with a thousand years of history and with a present full of energy and sparkle. In every step there are so many things one can view and meet in order to understand that although Athens is not so big and its figuration looks as if it is ruled by anarchy, there are corners in this city that can actually make it adorable and interesting. For all those who love Athens it is a challenge to promote its contemporary side in their friends and guests.
That is because in every step the old co-exists with the new. Because the ancient monuments are still alive and consist the citys landmarks side by side to contemporary and equally interesting monuments for one to visit.
This is why it is worthy to visit Athens not just as a simple tourist destination but with the mood of a traveller who is ready to meet Athens in a different way and discover its secret beauty.
Cosmos of Culture cultural non profit organization, organizes a cultural seminar of acquaintance with contemporary Athens in the period of Easter in April 2007, with the title:

Eastern cultural walk in Athens

Dates: Saturday 31/03/2007 until Wednesday 04/04/2007.

The seminar will be held in the Greek language and it is an opportunity for those who wish to meet the city through its culture and not by simply having a Greek language course. It consists of presentations of specific subjects and visits to selected places.


Saturday 31/03/2007:

  • Projection of Cosmos of Culture and its activities.
  • Introduction to Athens. Historical data. Contemporary side.
  • Projection of a movie for the city..

Sunday 01/04/2007:

  • Visit and tour to the Acropolis.
  • A walk and a tour in the peripheral road of Acropolis.

Monday 02/04/2007:

  • Presentation: A different approach to Greek Mythology.
  • First of April: Myths and superstitions.
  • Presentation: The anthropogeography of the city
  • Presentation: Architectural particularities of Athens.

Tuesday 03/04/2007

  • Visit and tour to the Museum of Traditional Music Instruments.
  • Visit and tour in the Melina Merkouri Foundation.
  • The particular customs of the Greek Orthodox Easter.

Wednesday 04/04/2007

  • Introduction to Greek Cuisine and the Spring Dishes.
  • The culture of Fasting.
  • Preparation and meal with dishes from the Greek Cuisine.

For the attendance of the seminar it is necessary for the participants to know the Greek Language (medium level).

During the seminar there are going to be presentations in the Greek language and the participants will have the opportunity to have explanations of the terms that are used and of any other questions that might rise in any special issues that concern the language.


Andriana Mardaki: Director
Adla Shashati: Media and Culture Consultant

Stavroula Manousaki: Philologist
Peggy Zali : Architect

............. ...........

Venue: The presentations will take place in the cultural center of Cosmos of Culture, a neoclassic urban residence of Athens (And.Metaxa 20 and Emm. Benaki in the center of the City).

Duration: The seminar lasts five days from Wednesday to Sunday and its total duration is 30 hours.

Participants: For the seminar to take place there is a minimum number of five participants.

Cost of the Seminar: 360 euros were included are:

  1. The presentations and the tours during the visits in selected places.
  2. The lessons in Greek Language.
  3. Light lunch and coffee. ( Saturday, Monday and Tuesday).
  4. The ingredients for the preparation of the farewell lunch of Wednesday.

NOT included in this price are the tickets and the accommodation during the seminar.
The seminar is designed and organized exclusively from Cosmos of Culture.


For more information and for the registration and deposit of the fees contact us and send your application through fax or email:

Information/Registration : Cosmos of Culture

E-mail: infoint@cosmosofculture.org
Website: www.cosmosofculture.org

Hours of communication: Monday- Friday: 3pm 8pm.
Saturday: 1 pm 8 pm

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