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Festival on Volunteering Without Boarders, Greek Citizen – European Citizen

Event- Open Discussion:

Cultural Non-Profit Organisations: Networking Tools and Funding”

Cosmos of Culture, Cultural Organisation invites you to the event – open discussion on “Cultural Non-Profit Organization: Networking Tools and Funding”.
Saturday, December 17, 2011 Time: 12.00- 14.00 to be held at Hilton Hotel in Athens and in Room Santorini 6.

Speaker: Irene Comninou, Representative of Cultural Contact Point Greece, the Institution responsible for promoting the DG programme “Culture 2007- 2013” of the European Commission.

Rapporteur: Andriana Mardaki, President Cosmos of Culture.

Cultural Organisations are the first to be affected by the poor economic situation in Greece whereby culture, contemporary and cultural heritage could play a leading role in projecting a good and positive image for our country. This open debate aims to put a series of questions about the future of Greek Cultural NGOs and also to exchange ideas and ways of organizing their actions.

Admission is Free.
At the Festival, Cosmos of Culture is also involved with a stand, exhibiting its work and actions and you can have a chat with its members.

Saturday, December 17, 2011 Time: 10.00 - 22.00



Event on the occasion of the International Day Against Racism
Saturday, 19th of March, 2011 at 8.00 pm
Cultural Center "Caucasus" Patission 81 (and Heyden str. 1st floor)

On the occasion of International Day Against Racism on th 21st of March, the Greek National Co-ordination of ENAR (European Network Against Racism) in collaboration with Cosmos of Culture, Greek Forum of Migrants and African Vision, organize an event for the presentation of the Report 2009 – 2010 of ENAR on discrimination in Greece. Moreover there will be a presentation of the project of Cosmos of Culture for the Dialogue of Cultures.
The discussion is coordinated by Adla Shashati, the representative of ENAR-Greece.

Speakers: Adriana Mardaki, President of Cosmos of Culture, former representative of ENAR -Greece.Samsideen Iddrisu, President of African Vision, member of Cosmos of Culture. Moawia Ahmed, Coordinator of the Greek Forum of Migrants.

The event will take place on Saturday,
19th of March 2011 at 8.00 pm at the Cultural Center"Caucasus" Georgian Community Patission 81 (and Heyden str., 1st floor)
Telephone: 6977 570 928, 6936848489


EU Project “ open here: ConsTRUCKtions –ConNEXTions”

Events Program

Conference: Greek Forum of Migrants, Ferron 18, Athens
Exhibition: Cosmos of Culture, multicultural center, Andrea Metaxa 20, Athens
Conference: Saturday 29/09/2007 from 5-8.30
Exhibition:  29/09/07-13/10/07
The events are held as part of the European Project with the title “open here: ConsTRUCKtions –ConNEXTions”, where Cosmos of Culture is a partner. The above events are activities programmed to be held in Greece. More information for the EU Project in the webpage: www.open-here.eu


  1. Conference with the title : “ Creating in another place”

The participant speakers transfer in the audience their experiences as artists and as human beings. How everyday life, and the problems that accompany it, when residing in a different country from their country of origin, allows or influences their expression as artists. Different origin and translocation as meanings influence their work?
Does the place they have selected (forcibly or not) allows them to continue their work or they have to find a job in order to live?

Registration: 5-5.30
1st panel: 5.
30-6.45 “Europe, Common Place for Artistic Creation”
Moderator: Andriana Mardaki, Director of “Cosmos of Culture”

  • Anouar Iqbal, Founder Member of the “Greek Forum of Migrants”
  • Charles Ofoedu (Austria) writer with Nigerian origin who works and lives in Vienna
  • Evangelia Basdekis (Greece) artist who works in several European countries

Presentation of the parallel events that are held in Munich through internet
Questions and Conversation with the audience
Coffee Break: 6.45-7.15
2nd panel: 7.15-8.30 “ Migrant Artist in Greece”
Moderator: Adla Shashati, information officer of “Cosmos of Culture”
Michael Afolanyo, Musician with Nigerian origin
Moiz Salman, Artist from Sudan

End of the conference

  1. Exhibition with the title:  “open here: ConsTRUCKtions –ConNEXTions” community, art and diversity in a common Europe.

Duration of the exhibition: 29/09/2007-13/10/2007
The exhibition relates and reflects the specific project through photographs, video art and performance with the contribution of the Artists who participated in the Project. In specifics:

  • Photo exhibition: the photos concern the journey of the truck-mobile museum- through Europe. It is the documentation of the journey.
  • Audio Art from Evangelia Basdekis with the title: “Whistling Dogs”
  • Video art from Stefanos Pavlakis
  • Painting Exhibition from Moiz Salman

The exhibition is accompanied by live music with uti from Nabil, poem recitation from Zikri Al Azabi (Libya) and a multicultural buffet
There is a free entrance for both events.

This project is funded by the European program 'Culture 2000'


Thursday 20-10-05.
Event on the subject: "Legalization of immigrants: the new lost chance?"

Antiracist organization SOS Racism, the Greek Department of ENAR (European Antiracist Network) in collaboration with "Cosmos of Culture” organize an event on the subject of the new process of legalization of immigrants, that is attempted. The aim of the event is for the speakers and the participants to discuss if this really constitutes a new chance for the immigrants, with criticism on the relative law but also with presentation on the first results of the process.

Title: “Today’s discrimination – 15 years of anti-racist activities”

· The subject of racism today and what is happening in Greece and the other European countries.
· Immigration and Refugee laws; laws that affect them and what is happening in practice.
· SOS Racism: Account of 15 years of existence.

In cooperation with the non-governmental association “SOS Racism” and the European Network Against Racism – ENAR.







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