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'' Cosmos of Culture"
Cultural Organization

  • General Director
    Andriana Mardaki
  • Director of the African House:
    Samsideen Iddrisu
  • Information Officer :
    Adla Shashati
  • Secreteriat
  • Event Support:
    Chrisanthi Litra
    Maria Tsalmaja
    Khaled Tahir

    Alexander Giannakoulias
    Vasilis Fakourelis
    Giannis Sklivas
  • Art workshop for children
    Vitoria Kotsalou
  • Music Issues
    Michael Afolayan
  • Culture seminars-Santorini and Workshop Planning
    Sophia Sigala
    George Barbalias
  • Technical Support :
    George Sigalas

“Cosmos of Culture” was founded in 2002 as a non-profit cultural association situated in Athens.

The aims and goals of this organisation are social, cultural, art and educational thereby the participation of mainly youth and people whose activities are expressing within the scope of contemporary art and civilization whiles emphasizing on peaceful co-existence without any form of discrimination.


We believe that cultural issues should not only be expressed through commercial channels. Our daily contact with people especially migrants, refugees, youth, people without economic means shows that there are many people who are engaged in different type of art but do not have any means or access of exhibiting their work.

One of our main aim , the creation and running of a cultural centre for art and civilization projecting the image of multiculturalism, has been fullfiled. Through workshops, culture seminars, symposia, exhibitions, conferences and other related activities, people irrespective of sex, race, colour, religion or sexual orientation will be given the opportunity to indulge themselves in the activities of the centre and this will particularly give emphases on the multicultural character of the centre.

We believe deeply that through education and cultural activities people can overcome their differences and this is what we will like to share with all those who agree with us.

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